What happens when you mix, crusty old mustard and Snowboarder Extraordinaire Danny Kass? Well hit play and you'll see! Winner of the Stash Best of 2009 Award. Client: Nike Snowboarding Athlete: Danny Kass Category Director: Michael Hernandez Sports Marketing Rep: Bobby Meeks Agency: Nike Brand Kitchen Creative Direction: Ean Lensch/Manny Bernardez Executive Producer: Craig Smith Artist/Illustrator: Arbito Production Company: Nike Brand Kitchen Director: Manny Bernardez EP: Craig Smith Director of Photography: Shawn Sundby Designers: Emmett Dezieza, Manny Bernardez, Ryan Rothermel Lead Animator: Emmett Dezieza Animators: Manny Bernardez, Ryan Rothermel, Robbie Johnstone 3D: Igor Chromanski, Emmett Dezieza Editor: Manny Bernardez Original Music Score: Kirk Ross Sound Mix: Chip@Digital One